CKO (Crab, Krill & Oyster) Grub Boilie


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The Bait

Natural colour, sandy red.
Has a good proven track record.
Effective all year round.
Its natural colour washes out slowly.
Produces a powerful food signal (High attraction).
Highly digestible / Nutritionally balanced bait.
Extremely potent odour, due to flavour components.

The Bait Components

Krill meal 7.5%.
LT.94 fish meal.
Pre-digested fish meal.
Blended fish meals.
Oyster shell extract.
Crunchy Kelp / Seaweed extract.
H.N.V milk protein powders (Blended).
Full fat soya flour / micronized flour.
Wheatgerm / Wheat.
Robin Red Spice extract.
Chilli powder (Hot).
Amino acids / Organic compounds.
Egg Albumen / Whole egg powder.

Blended Flavours

Crab / Krill and Oyster.

Liquid Profile

Liquid Krill extract.
Liquid Salmon extract.
Salmon Oil winterised.
Fresh eggs used to roll the bait.

Bait sizes available

15mm & 18mm Round.
14mm & 18mm Barrels.
16mm Cocoons.
16mm Grubs


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